YOUR White Bikini Body




If I haven’t told you lately, YOUR white bikini body is f-ing fabulous.  I don’t care if you are a size 2 or a size 22.  When you have the confidence to wear something that makes you feel sexy, it shows.  Be proud of your strong, sexy self.  You have worked for what you have.  There is never a better time to show off what you’ve got then RIGHT NOW.

How many more summers are you going to wait to wear the “perfect” bikini?

This summer is the summer.



The Yoga Collective

Tweet I want to be a yogi.  I have Pinterest boards dedicated to it.  I see yogic women and crave to have their bodies, their inner peace. I have all the yoga clothes.  I have three mats.  I have access to some of the best yoga in Newport Beach.  Why am I not a yogi?Continue Reading

You Know You Are Addicted to Pilates When…

Tweet You know you are addicted to Pilates when… 1.  You make sure you have your toes painted in hopes your instructor notices. 2.  You forgo a big breakfast or lunch so that your belly will be flat for class. 3.  Your husband notices things about your body and your reply is, “It’s from Pilates!”Continue Reading

The Benefits of Indoor Cycling – infographic

Tweet Indoor cycling has so many health benefits – physical and mental health!

How to Bounce Out of Bed in the Morning

Tweet Is this how you bounce out of bed in the morning?  This is how I  bounce out of bed in the morning! I teach the majority of my indoor cycling classes and Pilates classes first thing in the morning.  If you haven’t taken one of them, you should know that there is a LOT ofContinue Reading

I Have Hypothyroidism

Tweet I have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!  I follow a ton of health and wellness blogs/websites and in addition to gluten intolerance, hypothyroidism is having a “moment”.  I feel so trendy!  After reading story after story of how women aren’t getting any help with their symptoms, I feltContinue Reading

10 Tips to Shake Things Up!

Tweet   Stuck in a rut?  Scale not moving?  Bored?  Need a jolt?  Here are a quick set of tips to shake up your fitness and diet routine. Exercise Tips 1.  Add a “Rev Up” to your daily routine!  Wake up 30 minutes early and take a fast walk or run.  Wear a watch; goContinue Reading

Indoor Cycling Basics

Tweet I’ve written about things you should know before you start taking indoor cycling classes.  An indoor cycle instructor/friend has taken the basics of indoor cycling even further.  Lisa Mikelson has created a series of videos that will help you understand how to set up your bike, ride with proper form, and how to balanceContinue Reading

Feel Like Giving Up? The Third Week of January

Tweet It takes 21 days to create a habit…or so “they” say.  Who are “they” anyways?  January is that BIG month of hopes, dreams and desires.  If you haven’t created any new healthy habits in the first three weeks of the month, you are probably feeling deflated, frustrated and well…kind of like 2014.  But IContinue Reading

Rosemary Popcorn

Tweet Popcorn Rules!  Using spices to add flavor instead of butter is a game changer, and totally makes it #3DayJumpStart friendly.  You can have this in place of your afternoon snack or skip the snack and have this for an after dinner treat.  Please remember a couple of things:  Corn is one of the #1Continue Reading