8 Weeks Until Summer 2014



8 Weeks!!!!

How did it go last week?  Were you able to try some sort of new physical activity?  It was easy to be inspired by summer this week!  The weather in Newport Beach, CA has been amazing.  Okay…here’s what I’m telling my clients THIS week:


It’s easy to get into a rut.  We do the same exercises, the same cardio machines, at the same time, in the same place….and that’s cool.  This summer is different.  You can keep that same routine but now we are pumping it up with a little something extra.  I like to call it a “Rev Up”.

Goal for the week:

Add three “Rev Ups” to your usual workout routine.  Yes, you are going to have to plan this.  You’ll need to find three, 30 minute blocks in your week.  If you normally workout in the AM, I suggest adding a Rev Up in the early evening.  You can add one at lunch time (I mean, who needs an hour to eat!) or wake up 30 minutes earlier to fit it in.  What is it?  It’s a 30 minute walk or run or combo walk/run.  You could also do 30 minutes on a stationary bike.  30 minutes on a beach cruiser doesn’t really have the same effect.  You don’t need to break out into a full sweat, but you do need to get the heart pumping.  I like to walk out my front door and go for 15 minutes and turnaround and come back.  Trust me…this is some good stuff!


So…..did you count your calories last week?  I hope you did!  For many of us, it was a wake up call.  The Starbucks and B.L.T.’s add up fast, huh?  I’m not going to tell you how many calories you should eat, you can look it up.  I will tell you that you need to keep it in check.  If the scale is on the constant rise, it’s your diet.  It isn’t how much or how little you are working out.  Reign it in, Sister!

Goal for this week:

Make your lunch at home.  If you aren’t at home, pack it up in the AM and bring it with you.  Most days, I am NOT at home but you will find me with my little black cooler bag filled with lunch and snacks.  This will help you with three things.  1.  You will spend less money on food!  2.  You will not have to worry about making a “not so healthy choice” because you are starving.  You will have something clean and fresh waiting for you.  3.  You will feel empowered!  Trust me.  This is true.


I’m the first to admit that I have to pull the iPad out of my hand and pick up the book.  Why has a magnet been inserted into the palm of my hand and my devices are stuck to it?  Did you get some good books last week?  Tweet me your titles!

Goal for this week:

Get visually inspired for Summer!  I adore Pinterest.  I get ideas for fashion, recipes, travel and life.  Start a Countdown to Summer 2014 board.  Check mine out, here.  Start a Summer Salads board, a Bikini Board, a Fitness Board.


We peeled off the winter skin last week and now we have to protect it!

Goal for this week:

Buy some new sunscreen!  No, the bottle from last year at the bottom of your beach bag isn’t good enough.  I noticed that the drugstore was having a crazy sale on it so I stocked up.  But then I read this article about the chemicals in it and I think I need to try something different.  Either way, we need to protect ourselves.  You decide which route you will take.  Just do it!

There you have it!  8 weeks, friends!  Questions?  Tweet me!



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