Can You Eat Too Many Superfoods?

green superfoods

Is it possible to eat too many superfoods?  I think it’s more likely to become obsessed with eating too many superfoods.  We are bombarded by lists, magazine articles and blog posts about the superfoods that we should be adding to our diet.  As someone who wants to consume the most nutrients with each meal, I know that I was getting confused and overwhelmed by the suggestions.

This summer, I hit a point where my lunch turned into a superfood production.  It got so bad that I couldn’t even find my lunch.  It was buried under supplements, fermented foods, powders and random liquids.  WHERE WAS MY LUNCH?  I couldn’t even taste my lunch.  It got to be too much.

What did I learn?  I learned to recognize what superfoods are and where I can add them in when needed.  I learned that if I continue to eat whole, mostly organic foods that are low in sugar and colorful (which many superfoods are), I’m doing pretty good and may not need to worry so much about pumping up my meals.

My tips to you?  Read about superfoods.  Try a few.  Don’t become obsessed with trying to fit them all in!  Go back to the philosophy that I mentioned above.  Eat whole, mostly organic, low sugar, and colorful foods at every meal.  Not only will your weight naturally fall where it should, but you’ll also be glowing with health.  Ultimately, that IS super!

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