10 Tips to Shake Things Up!

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Stuck in a rut?  Scale not moving?  Bored?  Need a jolt?  Here are a quick set of tips to shake up your fitness and diet routine.
Exercise Tips
1.  Add a “Rev Up” to your daily routine!  Wake up 30 minutes early and take a fast walk or run.  Wear a watch; go for 15 minutes and then turn around and head home.  If you live somewhere that the weather puts a damper on your outdoor activity, make it a 30 minute “in home” Rev Up with a jump rope, a trampoline, a treadmill or stationary bike.  This Rev Up is in addition to your normal workout routine.  It literally revs up your energy, metabolism, mood and daily calorie expenditure.
2.  Change It Up!  If you’ve been doing the same 55-minute dance class for years, change it up.  Try a totally different style of group fitness class.  Yes, it’s out of your comfort zone but that’s where the magic (change) happens…outside of your comfort zone.
3.  Join a Facebook Group!  It’s crazy, but there are some tight knit fitness accountability groups on Facebook.  In the search bar, type in “fitness groups” or any style of exercise (spin, mommy, boot camp) and then it will give you the option for “Groups on fitness”.  Find a plethora of them listed there.  You can choose an online only accountability group or a local one based on your search criteria.  Accountability is everything!  These types of groups are also found on Instagram.  Start searching!
4.  Buy a new outfit!  If you are wearing hubby’s college sweatshirt and shorts that he discarded to the “donate” pile, why are you wearing them?    If you are wearing something that fits, in a flattering color, you are going to feel better.  When you feel better, you want to workout a little harder.  You don’t have to spend a lot…even our mainstream discount stores are pushing out the latest activewear trends and colors.
5.  Get social!  Just like the Facebook group helps with accountability, “checking-in” via social media not only makes you accountable, you’ll get cheers and praise from your followers.  We know we are supposed to workout for ourselves, but a virtual high five feels good once in a while.  And guess what?  You are inspiring others to get up off the couch and workout!
1.  Put it on display!  You meant well by buying all of those peppers, cucumbers and jicama but then you brought them home and stuck them in the crisper (out of sight, out of mind).  You got hungry; you grabbed something that was ready to eat (chips) vs. the yummy veggies that were hidden…unwashed and not chopped.  Sundays are for prep.  Buy your veggie and fruit snacks and wash them, prep them, store them in individual packets and put them on display in your fridge.  If they are in the crisper drawers, you’ll forget about them.  Put them front and center!
2.  Dress up your food!  I buy pretty bowls and plates at store like Anthropologie just for myself.  After my workouts, I grab a pretty bowl for my yogurt parfait.  I slice the berries just so, layer the toppings…I’m styling my food!  The few extra minutes it takes me makes it taste a little sweeter.   You can store pretty bowls and plates in your office, too.  They beat paper sandwich wraps any day!
3.  Go to bed a little bit hungry.  This is a tough one for people.  Stop eating by 7pm 90% of the time.  Going to bed on a full stomach disrupts our sleeping patterns.  So many health issues are due to lack of sleep, and one of them is that people who lack sleep eat more calories the next day.  It’s also safe to assume that if you are eating three meals per day plus one or two snacks, anything consumed after 7pm is usually extra calories.  Once you start doing this, you will notice waking up with a flatter belly, and that quickly becomes an addiction!
4.  Get educated.  Sure, we learned about the Food Pyramid in elementary school but it’s time to get a better education as to what’s happening with our food.  Read a book about organic food (I love “The Organic Manifesto” by Maria Rodale), watch a movie about food (“Fed Up” is the newest one), Google the term GMO…once you start to understand a little bit more about what food can do for you and against you, you will be inspired to clean up your diet.  Every little bit helps.
5.  Get the kids on board.  My mom used to say, “Our kitchen isn’t a cafeteria!” , when my brother and I complained that we each wanted something different for dinner.  It was one meal for everyone.  So why are you cooking one thing for the kids and something different for you and your husband?  Get the kids into cooking.  Give them a variety of recipes that you have deemed healthy and let them decide what will be served each night that week.  Have them help you prep it or eventually cook it when they are old enough.  Heck, this frees you up to grab an extra workout while they are cooking!
MOVE it!

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