Dark Chocolate After #IQUITSUGAR


Luckys from Diane Kron Chocolatier

Luckys from Diane Kron Chocolatier

Here’s the truth, #iQUITsugar and I have lived to tell about it.  I was a candy WHORE.  After a well-documented Jelly Belly debacle in May, I had to quit.  At first it was going to be just for two weeks.  Here I sit, days away from one of the biggest candy holidays of the year, Halloween, and I’m still candy free.  I feel in control of the urges to grab a piece of trash candy and I know there are places that I don’t belong (See’s Candy, Rite Aid’s candy aisle) but I’ve begun the search for an alternative.  Almost five months into this, I can tell that my taste buds have grown accustomed to no sugar.  I’ve tasted some honey and agave nectar and they are sooooo sweet to me now.  I could never have eaten a bight of dark chocolate because it was too bitter.  October is my birthday month and I was gifted some high quality dark chocolate and it was luscious, smooth and hardly had any sugar!!!  It started my search for the best of the best.


In an effort to eat organic, low sugar and little to no chemicals, I chose to try Righteously Raw’s Divine Mint squares.  Of the three that I’m going to mention here, these were the most bitter.  I do like the fact that they are small squares and because they are bitter, hard to overindulge on.  They have only 2 grams of sugar.  SO doable!


My next find was the line of super dark chocolate bars from Vosges.  I stopped by their Beverly Hills shop yesterday and had to keep my eyes on the bars instead of the truffles.  So far, the best one with the smoothest taste and the lowest sugar is the pomegranate & goji bar.  Yes, they say that this is a super food with all sorts of benefits but I hardly think I’m going to eat enough of it to make a difference.  Still, this bar had a nice salty and sweet kick that I enjoyed.  You could easily have 5-6 servings in one big bar.

I’ve saved the best for last.  The Diane Kron Chocolatier “Luckys” (pictured above) in extra dark are my favorite.  They are really small and very smooth.  Not bitter but not sweet.  I can eat one or two and be very satisfied.  YUM!!!  Everyone that tries these, loves them!!!

I haven’t started eating chocolate everyday and I doubt that I will.  I just wanted to find some options that were good and prove to myself that I did have some self control around candy.

Let me know if you have tried any of these or what your favorite brands of dark chocolate are!


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