15 Second Meditation – Good Vibes


This is the Guyan mudra. Touch your index finger to the tip of your thumb. This mudra promotes receptivity and calm. Repeat the mantra “RADIATE GOOD VIBES” five times, silently or aloud. Take another moment for a few deep breaths and get on with your day. Click here for a 15 second meditation on SOUL. 

15 Second Meditation ~ Soul

Tweet 15 second meditation!!! Ready??? The #mudra shown is the Surya or Ravi mudra. The tip of the ring finger touches the tip of the thumb. This mudra gives you energy, health and intuition. Repeat the mantra, THERE IS SUNSHINE IN MY SOUL TODAY, 5 times out loud! Do it!!!!

How to Stop Trash Talking Your Body

Tweet As a fitness instructor that teaches 8-10 group classes per week (indoor cycling and Pilates), I hear a lot of conversations before, during and after class.  The men are usually talking about work, a weekend warrior story or their kids.  The women are usually talking about what they shouldn’t have eaten last night, howContinue Reading

It’s All About the Intensity

Tweet After my Monday Indoor Cycling class, a client approached me and asked me what would be the best way to increase her calorie burn.  I’ll tell you my answer BUT…. It’s not ALWAYS about the calorie burn.  It can be about a mental break, strength building, endurance building, friendship building or just plain old FContinue Reading

Pilates Method Alliance – Check!

Tweet I started taking Pilates lessons in 2001 at a studio in Costa Mesa, CA that was considered to be one of the top Pilates studios in the world.  I was surrounded by the best of the best.  It was around this time that an organization was formed called the Pilates Method Alliance.  I overheard aContinue Reading

Summer Crushing

Tweet Just back from London and the first thing I wanted to do was THIS.  Laying in the sun for an hour each day has helped my body readjust to California time a little faster. Waking up today at 4:15am was a little earlier than I had hoped so I’m making use of the timeContinue Reading

3 Burp-Free Breakfast Ideas

Tweet GROSS!  Nothing is worse than sucking down a green-ish smoothie on your way to spin class and then spending the next 45 minutes burping it up!  Don’t lie….you know what I’m talking about!!! You need to have something in your belly before you workout and it’s gotta be the right thing.  Something that willContinue Reading

10 Things to Say Instead of Let’s Go!

Tweet Do you feel that you are repeating yourself over and over during your classes?  That you get stuck using the same phrase during a climb, the same thought during your favorite song or the same three words when you want your class to pick up speed?  Me, too! Here are 10 things that youContinue Reading

My Summer Motto

Tweet I’ve accomplished so much in the last 3 months!  It all revolved around THIS sentence.  It’s worked for me professionally, physically and mentally.  I might just be on to something!

Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Pilates

Tweet Have you wanted to try Pilates but just the pictures scare you off?  I mean, the machines can look a little intimidating.  Here’s a Pilates cheat sheet to help you choose the right class. What is Pilates? Pilates is a method of exercising the whole body developed by Joseph Pilates.  You can read moreContinue Reading